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Animal Wellness Rescue, Inc.
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Our friends who need homes...
The pictures below are of the cats, dogs, kittens, and rabbits that we are
currently seeking homes for. We are accepting Donations and Monthly Donations. All Donations are tax deductible. Please feel free to contact us for more info. Animal Wellness Rescue Inc. is a 501c non profit organization.
If you can help provide a home for them, please call

2 Kittens. Domestic  Medium to long hair Mute Orange, and Orange Short hair.

 "Mom and Kittens"
            5 Kittens born at the rescue. Ready for Adoption. 3 Orange, 1 Tabby and 1 Black and White.

Female Dwarf Bunny, 5 months 
Kipper is our miracle bunny. This bunny was brought to our rescue when it was 2 weeks old on the first day of Yom Kippur to young to be weaned. She had been attacked by dogs and was severely traumatized. CPR was administered then the bunny stopped breathing and died. 2 hours later the bunny flipped herself up and came back to life. This bunny took all night to revive and fight for her life. Now this bunny is happy healthy friendly and relaxed around humans.

Female, Deer Chihuahua Mix
Sugar is about 10 months old. Sugar was left with friends indefinitely by owner never came back for her. The Friends of the owner had dogs of their own and couldn't keep her.

Male, 2 1/2 years old, Doxiepoo
He was born with us at the rescue. We placed him in a home with a young couple but the couple had brought him back to us because they had 2 babies and couldn't keep him. Rowdy is create and potty trained. Doesn't shed, Loves walks and Loves Kids.

Female 2 year old Sand Fire Bearded Dragon
Owner had to give her up due to their other Bearded Dragon Fought with her. She Comes with enclosure and all equipment needed. Loves hot baths, loves to be held and can be adopted with the Frog. 

Fire Belly Toad
Abandoned at a School
Can be adopted with Bearded Dragon

A New Chance...

     A New Family...

          A New Life...

Contact Information

For more information about our organization, our pets, or how you can get involved, please fill out the following form and a representative will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

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We are Committed to the Animals...

Animal Wellness Rescue, Inc.
is a non-profit organization run by volunteers and funded by you.

We rescue toy breed and small breed dogs and point cats such as Siamese, Tonkinese, Burmese, Himalayan, and mixes.

We also rescue turtles and tortoises, along with small exotic pets and birds.

We are a no-kill shelter committed to improving the lives of animals looking for a home by ensuring the same health and well-being that any pet would enjoy.

All animals are cared for by foster parent volunteers.  There is a minimum two week quarantine period to ensure good health and all pets are spayed or neutered and given all appropriate shots before going to their new adoptive homes.

Our organization is committed to permanent placement of our pets.  To ensure this, we inspect all future homes for the pet's safety and require that the pet be returned to us if the adoptive parent can no longer care for their pet.

All these measures help ensure that all of our adopted pets can live a full, happy and healthy life.

How you can help

You can help us help animals by:

*     Being an Adoptive Parent

*     Being a Foster Parent

*     Joining an Adoptive Fair Team

*     Helping us with Office Administration & Computer input

*     Walking and/or Playing with Animals

*     Cleaning Kennels or Cages

*     Donating Funds, Equipment, or Food

We engage in ongoing Adoption Fairs including those at Petco and the Annual Adoption Fair at Memorial Park in Upland which takes place in late May.

We are available at other times for those who wish to make an appointment to visit our rescue.      

For appointments please call